PRESS RELEASE – Ultra-Slim and Efficient – Perfect for Condo Towers – Venmar Ventilation Introduces a New Line of Air Exchangers


Venmar Ventilation, North America’s leading provider of indoor air quality products, is bringing the latest innovation to heating and ventilation specialists, as well as builders and property owners, with its new line of air exchangers: Venmar AVS and vanEE.

“The Venmar AVS and vanEE are revolutionizing the construction of high rise towers in large cities,” says Pat Hénaire, VP of Marketing at Venmar. “In addition to providing superior interior air quality, they’re easily installed in tighter spaces at a lower cost,” he adds.

More Living Space = More Profitable Condos

The air exchangers, at only 9 inches thick, free up space traditionally reserved for mechanical equipment. The net living and saleable area for each unit is maximised and the building is more profitable for the developer.S10_ERVPlus-Dessous-2 copyVannEE-70E-Plus-Dessous copy

Long-Lasting Efficiency and Less Noise

The entire line of new Venmar air exchangers offer unmatched airflow rate of 115 cubic feet per minute, ensuring effective ventilation regardless of the large pressure differentials in condo towers. They provide up to 67% heat recovery efficiency at 0oC and their fans have 50% more efficacy than the competition. Venmar air exchangers are the only product lines that meet Ontario Building Code requirements. With their advanced blower design and the integrated anti-vibration installation system, the new products are 33% quieter that the competition. Each model is equipped with the ColdshieldTM cold protection system to ensure supply air is tempered even under extremely cold conditions. “The Venmar AVS and vanEE air exchangers are definitely the ideal in-suite ventilation solution for high-rise residential towers,” says Hénaire.

About Venmar

Venmar Ventilation is a leading North American name in indoor air quality products. Canada’s pioneer in air quality and largest manufacturer, Venmar has developed, produced and distributed for more than 30 years a full line of central air exchangers, kitchen range hoods and attic ventilators, as well as specialized products such as HEPA central air filtration systems, light commercial heat or energy recovery ventilators. More than a million households enjoy every day Venmar products.

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