Gaspésie lobsters are now for sale in most supermarkets all around Quebec. Ask for the ones that proudly wear their new medallion to make sure you get the best lobsters, from Gaspésie, and enjoy it while finding more about your fisherman through


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New WEB site – A gift for my 10th anniversary

 I am very proud to present my new WEB site signed by Sophie Garneau, President of Alvéole Média. It is simple and efficient. It is especially easy to work on my own. I still present to you what I do and, more important, what my clients do. You’ll find the latest news from the companies and […]

To mark its 10th anniversary and the 15th of the artistic program HOTEL 71 INAUGURATES THE VINCENT ET MOI GALLERY

To honour the 15th anniversary of artistic program Vincent et moi, Hotel 71 (—a boutique hotel celebrating its 10th year in Old Québec—is proud to inaugurate the Vincent et moi gallery at Hotel 71, which will serve as a permanent showcase for artists with mental illness who create stunning artwork.    All summer long, from 11 a.m. […]